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About Us

Psycho-Dharma is a community and school for studying, training, and applying the principles of Buddhist psychology in daily life, operating under the auspices of the 'Open Attention' Association (registered nonprofit organization 580575587).


Our activities include studies in annual programs and short courses, one-time meetings, practice days, retreats, and volunteer-based projects inspired by Buddhism.


Our goal is to invite students to a journey of discovery and training, enabling deeper and more meaningful lives in the personal sphere and the surrounding world, through enhancing happiness and reducing suffering via ideas, values, and methods rooted in Buddhism.


Our aspiration is to make a significant impact on the culture and conduct in Israel and beyond, by collaborating with individuals, organizations, and communities.


Our approach involves insight, compassion, personal inquiry, experimentation, and discovery, alongside a commitment to walk the path we offer. We are not a religious framework offering one absolute truth or belief, except the belief that all learning is subject to examination and experimentation. Our approach is practical - investigating life from within, with a commitment to actions arising from this inquiry, rather than being an academic body observing life from the outside.


Partnerships: We seek to connect with like-minded entities, benevolent associations, and organizations for mutual cooperation and enrichment.

What is Buddhist Psychology?

Basic premise: The changes of life are unavoidable, but much of our suffering arises from our relationship to them. Thus, the key to reducing suffering and deepening happiness lies in mind.


At the heart of our inquiry: our mind, its failures and limitations, and the immense potential inherent within it.


Essence of the path: accepting the unavoidable pain, minimizing the suffering born of the mind, expanding the pathways to happiness, cultivating generosity and compassion towards all beings, and acting benevolently in our immediate environment and the world.


Possible transformations: a broad transformation in how we perceive, contemplate, and navigate the world. This transformation may lead to healing, alleviation of hardships, or their prevention, thereby enabling a life of clarity, richness, and freshness.

Our Team

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Goni Harlap |

Operations Manager and Office
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