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מדיטציה בודהיסטית



Dr. David Brazier, Dr. Iris Dotan Katz, 

Natividad Menendez Garcia & Kimiko Nita 

שבת-ראשון 16-17.10.2021


Theme: Therapy as a Spiritual Path for Client & for Therapist.  A presentation of the application of Buddhist psychology in a  number of dimensions; a forum in which to reflect upon the spiritual path from a psychological point of view and the psychological work from a spiritual perspective. 

Content: talks, seminars, master class demonstration, groupwork, "Dharma à Deux", case presentation and discussion. Theoretical material will be presented and there will also be experiential workshops so participants should be willing to share material about personal life and agree to respect the confidentiality of others.  

Suitable for: The weekend is open to anybody interested both in understanding their own life and relationships better and in the therapeutic process and how this relates to the spiritual path in a Buddhist approach. 


Programme (times are CET i.e. Rome time zone):


10:00-12:00 SESSION ONE

Check in and Orientation

Lecture: "Distinctive Features of Buddhist Psychology" - Dr. Brazier

Small groups.

14:00-16:00 SESSION TWO

Case Presentation - Dr Dotan Katz

Case Presentation - Kimiko Nita


19:30-21:00 SESSION THREE

“Master Class“ Demonstration session - Dr Brazier


10:00-11:00 SESSION FOUR

“Dharma à Deux” Therapy Group - facilitated by Dr Brazier & Dr Dotan Katz

11:30-12:30 SESSION FIVE

Seminar - Q&A

14:00-16:00 SESSION SIX

Introduction to the Buddhist Psychology training - Dr Brazier & Nati Menendez

Final gathering and sharing.


Leaders: The workshop leaders are practising psychotherapy or counselling from a Buddhist perspective and/or tutoring the ITZI Buddhist psychology training programme.

Dr David Brazier, psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher, author of a dozen books including Zen Therapy and many other writings. Co-editor of the Oxford Manual of Meditation.

Dr. Iris Dotan Katz, clinical psychologist with a private practice in Tel Aviv has many years of experience in Zen and Pureland Buddhism and in socially engaged action.

Kimiko Nita, clinical psychologist, specialises in work with children and young adults, has a private practice for adult clients in Tokyo, and a special interest in Naikan therapy.

Natividad Menendez Garcia, psychotherapist, is tutor on the Spanish language version of the Buddhist Psychology Diploma Programme and has private clients in Spain.


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